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Vatican Walking Tour

Available from our partners Florence Journal and Viator, this highly rated tour shows you the best of the Vatican and Vatican Museum without waiting in the notorious lines:


Rome museum blog

The Comune of Rome has a new blog - an official blog - for Rome's museums. This is definitely cool - now I just need to work on my Italian. Link: Blog Musei in Comune Roma

Roma Pass - new tourist discount card


Rome has a new tourist discount card - the Roma Pass. This 18€ pass is good for 3 days - it gives you free admission for the first 2 museums you visit, with reduced admission on any others after that, and free public transportation for all 3 days. It also comes with a map and a booklet detailing what museums, sites, etc. are eligible. This is an amazing deal - especially if you are staying in Rome for just a few days.

Hotels in Rome

If you are coming to Rome and looking for a hotel, is the best place to start. They are an Italian company and have the best inventory (over 5,000 hotels!) at great prices, with a very easy to use website that will help you find the hotel you want, in the area you want. Check them out here.