Mimmo Paladino | Brian Eno: a work for the Ara Pacis


Contemporary Italian artist Mimmo Paladino and music legend Brain Eno have a new, site specific exhibit at the Ara Pacis Museum:

This event, which could well be described as long-awaited, is the second time that these two indisputably important contributors to contemporary culture have worked together; the first being almost ten years ago in 1999 at London's "Round House".

I can't find many details about the exhibit at this point - I am hoping there is some more coverage once it opens. From 11 March to 11 May, 2008.

Update: Here are a couple of photos submitted by Patrick - thanks Patrick!

"A shot of Paladino's work near the ancient altar, and the sign outside the building. No cams allowed in the actual show."



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We recently saw this show (7 April) and found it to be an unusual mix of art and sound.

Notably, the use of hundreds, perhaps thousands of 3 inch speakers in conjunction with off-the-shelf boom boxes and a few corner sub woofers. The small speakers were deployed in clusters in some locations, fanning out like tall ferns. Others were simply hung from the ceiling.

The layout supported the overall work, with corners, and dead-ends, and very graphical colors in one area.

In honesty, I found the use of boom boxes to be distracting. Given the setting, and the clean objects, I would be curious to know the reasoning. Of course, it could just be my issue, but I did not enjoy seeing brand names in this space.

Overall we enjoyed the experience, the mix and the composition was splendid and worked well as it was presented. The art seemed to be well placed and designed to work in conjunction with the mood cast by Brian's aural template.


Patrick thanks for the report. I haven't made it down there yet - I hope to see this before it is over. Got any pics?

They did not allow cameras in the space. It's lame since they were selling a 24 Euro picture book with the title of the presentation, of which maybe 1/5th pertained to the actual work.


A shot of Paladino's work near the ancient altar, and the sign outside the building. No cams allowed in the actual show.

(Editors note: our version of Movable Type doesn't allow images in comments - we posted these photos from Patrick above.)

Does anyone know if it is still possible to get the book for this excibtion? I had no money on me when i saw it and thought i could get it on line but i can't find it anywhere.

Thank you

Of course, they allowed "someone" in to shoot the show, but not me. ha ha ha

Here is a ink to some photos of the actual show and a short interview with Mimmo.



ps..the book? Don't waste your money. Seriously.

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