The Ara Pacis of Augustus and Mussolini

the-ara-pacis-of-augustus.jpgNot sure how I missed this book until now:

"The Ara Pacis of Augustus, the Augustan Alter of Peace, was restored in 1938 to celebrate the bi-millennial birthday of Augustus and is now being refurbished by the American architect, Richard Meier. It is the most-revered ancient Roman monument. However, this book shows that it is not the altar that everyone thinks it is, but rather a commemorative altar erected under the reign of Tiberius."

Is this true? I don't see any reviews on Amazon for this book - does anyone know anything about it?

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It hasn't been reviewed by any of the major classical studies reviews either. I've read about half. I honestly do not know enough to say if it bears up under scrutiny. I wish someone in the field would review his theories.

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